Disciplines : Groundworks, siteworks, court surfaces, padel and services

The Brief

Barnton Park LTC is a five court tennis club on the West of Edinburgh. With a large membership and a busy coaching and social tennis programme the club regularly upgrade and improve their facilities. The layout has changed a number of times over the 100 year history of the club and Doe Sport (North) have now been involved in three separate phases of work. The initial work in 2012 involved upgrading the three top courts to Doe Trojan and installing ducting for future floodlights. Subsequently the club installed floodlights to two additional courts

Build up and delivery

The Doe Trojan surface proved so popular with members that in 2018 the club returned to Doe for the next key project. This involved upgrading the two lower courts to Trojan also. These courts sat on old porous concrete panels and part of the works involved the preparation of the base to ensure no future movement or cracking occurred. The new courts were reconstructed with a new porous asphalt base before the Trojan surface was installed. This phase also included the removal of an old unsafe practice wall and conversion of a mini court into a base for a padel court.

Finally, one year later, Doe returned again to install a new practice area and working in conjunction with the Andy Murray backed Game4padel Ltd, a new floodlit panoramic padel court was installed with a state of the art SmartAccess system.  The court opened in September 2019

Full Construction Tennis and Padel Courts.

FIP and ITF standard to SAPCA criteria

The Results

Barnton Park LTC is now in great shape with facilities that are a match for any club. Doe’s reputation for friendly, professional service with years of tennis construction experience means many clients like Barnton return for repeat projects. DOE can offer budget costs and specification advice to any venue considering making improvements to their facilities

We are delighted to have completed the final stage of our facilities redevelopment plan this year – with the installation of a padel court and the replacement of our practice area.  This has been the culmination of many years work with Doe – commencing in 2012 with the relaying of our three upper level tennis courts – and carrying on through 2018 with the complete refurbishment of our two lower level tennis courts. Many thanks to Doe for their advice and guidance throughout the period.  Their input has helped provide a facility in which we are very proud – and which will be a benefit to the club and community for many years to come.