Disciplines : Groundworks, extensive drainage, fencing, various surfacing, and specialist maintenance works

The Brief

Broughty Ferry Tennis Club is one of the key clubs in Tayside and works hard to maintain excellent tennis facilities for members.  When the time came to undertake a range of court and site improvement works, they chose Doe to work with them in providing the specialist sports services.   They had previously worked with locally based contractor Doe Sport (North) on the 2009 resurfacing of all 6 courts and selected Doe again based on many years of specialist tennis court work and the previous successful contract.  The works would be undertaken in phases with phase 1 including the rejuvenation of courts 1-3 and resurfacing of courts 4-6.  Phase 2 consisted of the construction of 3nr new Mini Tennis courts and associated hard and soft landscaping works.

Build up and delivery

DOE Sport North worked closely with the club to understand the needs of members and offer a choice of surfaces.  Doe also facilitated play tests for the club to visit other Doe installations and speak to clubs that had previously worked with Doe on court resurfacing.  Work commenced on site in September 2019 for the first phase and was completed the following month.  The choice of Lano Grandclay for courts 4-6 has resulted in the club having a premium court of the highest quality.  Rejuvenation was then carried out to courts 1-3.  This process removes much of the contaminated infill, lifts carpet fibres and then new clean infill is brushed in.  This improves drainage and the playing quality of the court and can extend the life of the carpet at which point the club can decide whether to switch completely to clay or maintain two contrasting surface types.

Phase 2 and the construction of 3 new mini courts commenced in Spring 2020, and given the challenging year 2020 has provided, works were complete in Autumn providing an excellent facility for young members to be introduced to the game of tennis and grow with the guidance of an excellent coaching team at BFTC.

Artificial Clay Courts.

Lano Grand Clay – Premium Artificial Clay

The Results

The club now have the only artificial clay courts in Tayside which are already proving very popular with the club members and coach with a significant increase in memberships for the 2020 year.  The artificial clay surface offers great playing characteristics as well as being playable in almost all-weather conditions.   The three artificial grass courts are now performing better with improved drainage following the rejuvenation process.  The mini courts are a fantastic addition to the facilities on offer at BFTC, with the younger membership group loving the vibrant playing area.

My main contact was Craig Mitchell and I found him and others from DOE very easy to work with. Any questions or queries I had were very quickly addressed.

The resurfaced courts are being enjoyed by all members and the rejuvenated courts are also proving to be a success”