Disciplines : Planning consent, Groundworks, Fencing, Drainage, Court surfaces.

The Brief

The owners of the property at Mansfield House are avid tennis fans but there were no clubs close by for the family to play or practice. DOE Sport North were contacted. And we designed and installed a new tennis court. This was installed with our own surface product DOE Viscount which is a hard based macadam court, painted to the client’s colour choice.

During the initial visit it was highlighted by the client that the current planned layout of the court would interfere with routine maintenance of the surrounding garden area. At this stage DOE management identified a new layout that accommodated the client’s need to carry out regular maintenance to the surrounding area. DOE prepared and submitted a planning application and gained consent for the new court.

Build up and delivery

The court itself was to be located on a sloping section of garden and to be able to accommodate this the area required to be cut & filled to achieve the desired levels. The cut and fill exercise was carried out to create a flat level surface to then start to install the sub-base to the area in preparation for the tarmac install.

To reduce wastage on site it was agreed that any material from the cut and fill of the court area would be re-used to landscape the surrounding area. This allowed the client to plan for planting around the court to give an aesthetically pleasing view of the court.

Drainage and edging kerbs were installed to the perimeter of the court area which clearly established a boundary for the court area. The edging kerb installed allowed for operatives to install a level playing surface which was feathered into the newly installed kerbs leaving a neat, flush finish to the perimeter.

Due to the nature of high winds in the area the client requested that a wind break be installed around the perimeter of the court. This allowed the client to play on court without disruption from strong winds affecting the game while also providing privacy to any players on the court.

Private Tennis Court Specialist Court Construction

LTA and SAPCA standards

The Results

The client now has a fully functioning court area that the whole family can enjoy. The client was especially pleased that members of the family can now have private tuition carried out at the home residence as opposed to having to travel around the city to attend any tuition appointments. It has also raised the social aspect of bonding as a family while allowing for social time with friends and family in a safe & fun environment.

Les MacLean of DOE Sport commented ‘we have completed many private tennis courts around the country and are often chosen through recommendations from previous clients. We can manage all aspects from planning permission through court construction and landscaping and fit-out’