Sports Facility Construction

About us

Doe was founded by one of three Doe brothers in 1926 at Fyfield in Essex. The business grew from its background in natural sportsfield and large scale landscape construction to include the construction of tennis courts and other sports facilities by the early 1950s.

Over the years the Doe name has become synonymous with quality and expertise in design and construction carrying the attention to detail and tight tolerances required by ‘Tennis’ over to the construction of all types of sports facilities and associated works. After a management buyout in 1985 the business evolved into two separate but closely linked trading companies both preserving the Doe name and standards.

The Doe business works as a series of flexible regional teams organised through 2 fully staffed offices at Methil in Fife (covering Scotland) and Skelmersdale in Lancashire (covering England & Wales). Doe personnel pride themselves on perpetuating Doe’s heritage and quality legacy through excellence in design, construction and service with the aim of achieving or exceeding their clients’ expectations. Doe can deliver a comprehensive package from project concept to completion and aftercare and is committed to providing quality products offering value and sustainability, supported by service standards to achieve excellence in sports facilities and client satisfaction.

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