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Bearsden club courts rally on and on

01 September 2014

It’s not just our courts and sports surfaces that last and last. Let’s congratulate Bearsden Tennis Club, where Doe Sport North didn’t just install the current quartet of courts; we’ve been the Club’s tournament sponsor for nearly two decades. It’s a relationship that’s still going strong today as we presented the trophies for their 2014 tournament.

It was back in the early 1990s when we first laid an artificial surface for the 127-year-old club. There was something of a resurgence when we installed a fresh quartet of Casolon synthetic grass carpet courts back in 2003, and refurbished the surfaces with a brand new carpet last year. The Casolon system has been a popular club choice for years, and it’s still catching the eye today, with this year’s summer tournament at the Club played on the courts and once again making the headlines in the local paper.


Our colleague Alec Goodwin once again had the pleasure of presenting the trophies, and managing director Les MacLean said that it was a privilege to be involved, long term, with the club. “We’re proud of the work we’ve done at Bearsden Tennis Club, and we’re delighted to be involved with the club for all these years.”

Speaking at the time of the refurbishment last year, the Club’s president, John Beeley, took a step back into history. “Looking back at a photo of when the club was founded, a lot of things have changed. The women were wearing dresses and the men blazers and ties. And of course they were wielding heavy wooden racquets strung with gut.”

Equipment and dress code may have changed but, as John Beeley pointed out, it’s still “a group of people from Bearsden gathered together to play tennis.” 

The courts laid by Doe Sport North are a world away from those Victorian lawns, and cope with a far more modern intensity of play. If your club has relaxed its rules on cat gut and crinoline, throughly modern Doe Sport can certainly put you on a firm footing for the future.

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