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Doe Launches New Website

8 April 2010

Doe has confirmed the date for the launch of its new web site Friday 30 April 2010 which will complete the second phase of a re-branding exercise started a year ago so as to be ready to mark the 25th Anniversary of the company’s management buy out in April 1985.

The first phase of the re-branding – a new logo together with the first tranche of new product leaflets – was officially launched in late February 2010 at the BSEC exhibition in London.

The new web site in April sees the completion of phase two with the third phase, a corporate brochure and the second tranche of product leaflets, due for issue at the end of May.

Whilst the timing of the launch has been geared to the 25th Anniversary celebrations, it is a happy coincidence that the updated product literature and new web site are ready for the market as the economy slowly works its way out of the current recession. Several Doe clients have taken an active part in developing the new brand and literature as part of a ‘client panel’ drawn from all sectors of Doe’s market – Schools, Clubs, Local Authorities and other public bodies and, of course, private clients who still account for a significant portion of the Doe business.

We welcome any comments on our new site and suggestions for any additional items or information which you would find interesting or helpful so do please contact us with your ideas.

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